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Make money in the challenging times ​with own gig-marketplace

What is VMESTY?

As all gig platforms VMESTY connects those who want with those who can.


Starting as freelancer sites today gig economy includes countless works (taxi, cleaning, agent shopping etc). You may use gig-marketplace for matchmaking of any type: to connect patients with doctors, students with teachers, artists with producers, politicians with activists to name a few. 


How does VMESTY work?


1) The Asker (anyone who is in need of something) publishes the request; 

2) VMESTY informs the Givers (those who can do what the Asker requests) of the new request;

3) One of the Givers sends the offer;

4) The Asker accepts the offer (or rejects and waits for another offer) and pays in escrow account (in your account); 

5) The funds are released after the Giver fulfills the request.


The Administrator (you) controls the integrity/professionalism of Givers  and fulfillment of orders and enjoys commissions.

To see live demo please contact us.


To say long story short we allow you to start with smallest investment, but with full customization and without headache about technical matters. You may concentrate  on developing business, we will take care of the rest.




First, we minimize your risk by sharing it with you. Here we are unique: we do not only sell VMESTY, we also lease fully customized, made to fit your plans platform until your start-up will become solid enterprise. The package for lease includes using the platform, support, development and managing payments. And all these are with the symbolic upfront payment.  

To design fully functioning gig platform (like Uber or Upwork) you need dozens of professionals working many months not speaking about at least six-figure investment. This is definitely not an option for everybody.


Of course, you can buy white label or clone. But you will soon realize that such "universal" thing correlates with your business model only partially. To customize your clone you will need again a huge investment.


But this is not the only problem. Seller of clone will soon leaves you with the code which only he can develop further while developer of white label will move in the direction, which he considers right for his business, not important what you think about such updates. Each business is individual and each successful business develops. Buying the clone or white label you make yourself a hostage (not to say a slave) of developer.

Where are we different? 


Second, we customize VMESTY for your needs from the very beginning and support you as long as you need.

Third,  VMESTY is designed in Wix.com user-friendly environment that allows you do not think about hosting and  exploit the convenient UI as well as a lot of useful tools for dealing with SEO, DB management, CRM, marketing and so on.

But first, we minimize your risks by forming together with you the one team for your most difficult times - until your business will become viable.

Interesting? Contact us.


Life Cycle of Order

Only for registered users who created their profiles


Signing up:

Users create their profiles

Askers provide only limited data about themselves, givers must show enough about their identity, integrity and qualification.

Givers determine which requests they want to hear about

Life cycle:

Anonymous Request for Offers 

Asker posts a request to receive offers from givers. Givers don't see who posted request.

VMESTY Invites Givers

The request is published on noticeboard and is emailed to the givers, who expressed interest in such  type of requests.

Sending Offers

Givers (one by one, not more than one in time) responds on request with their offers. Asker don't see who made the offer.

Acceptance of Offer and Payment

Asker can reject the offer and wait for better one or accept the offer and pay. Depending on  the offer, asker pays either the whole amount in escrow account or the commission only with the balance to be paid to giver directly when the work is done.

Acceptance of Work, Rating and Comments

When the work is completed asker accepts it, rates and comments.

The core features


Unlimited Users

Fully Hosted on Wix

Using Wix's user friendly infrastructure and UI for hosting, managing customer relationship, work with DBs, administrating, SEO, marketing etc. 

Escrow Enabled

Enable Features

Decide which feature you want to apply to your marketplace.

Strong attention to customers' security and professionalism/integrity of givers

Only approved givers may work on the Platform. To secure safety of service administrator approve givers manually only.


Givers Requirements

Decide which sections of the givers profile are required before they can register.

Self-cleaning databases

Easy access to open orders and the history of orders

Managing personal data

Profiles of both askers and givers may be updated manually and automatically.

Rating and commenting for building givers' reputations

PayPal as payment provider

Other gateways may be connected depending on owner's location. 

Manual Payments

Administrator releases funds manually.

Email communication through the whole life cycle of order


What you will get

With standard purchase or lease:

1) The fully customized website (7 pages + 3 DBs +3 lightboxes) hosted on Wix with PayPal as payment provider and SendGrid as provider of email services;

2) If you buy - free training for 2 members of your staff until they do not need support more;

3) If you lease - unlimited support for the whole period of lease, which includes SEO and payment processing;

4) Free updates for 1 year.

With purchase of clone:

1) The clone of website that is shown in the gallery (7 pages + 3 DBs +3 lightboxes). The website will be hosted on Wix with PayPal as payment provider and SendGrid as provider of email services;

2) 20 free email consultations (answers on your questions) in first 2 months after purchase;

3) Free updates for 6 months.



Customization may include:

1) Redesign (colors, fonts, images etc);

2) Translation in your language (you may provide the dictionary for text/input fields, button texts, email templates etc);

3) Integration of custom payment provider and email service provider;

4) Other customization on request, e.g. introducing 3 categories of asker's orders: buying food, buying electrical appliances and gardening.



1) Free support with purchase of VMESTY:

a) training 2 members of your staff;

b) unlimited email consultations (Q&A) for 3 months;

c) 1 year free updates.

2) Free support with purchase of clone:

a) up to 20 email consultations for 2 months;

b) 6 months free updates.

3) When you lease we provide unlimited technical support, SEO and payment processing.  

4) Advanced support is on a case-by-case basis.


How much?


To buy

1) Clone without customization - €500;

2) Fully customized VMESTY - from €1990. The price depends on customization.


To lease

1) Nonrefundable upfront payment ("Earnest Money") - €500;

2) 50% of gross revenue (commissions and other earnings, e.g. from advertising) until  the total payment to us will reach €7990.

Above prices do NOT include Wix's fees (hosting, domain registration etc) that varies from €100 to €300 annually depending on the package.



We do understand how difficult it is to start new business in our challenging times. This is why we offer the opportunity to lease VMESTY with the main terms as follows:

(1) We will be legal owner of the website and will work as a webmaster until end of lease;

(2) We will process the payments through our account;

(3) Our commission is 50% of the commission for each transaction;

(4) The lease ends when we receive €7,990 in total including the upfront payment;

(5) You can buy your VMESTY at any time before end of lease.

We can reject entering into lease agreement at our sole discretion.


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Pricing and Payment



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Legal and Privacy

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