Frequently Asked Questions

What does WEB STUDIO 21 do?

We design

1) Web sites/pages for all kinds of businesses in WIX, OXWALL (social networks, clubs), html and Adobe Flash (interactive content). 

2) Business pages for Facebook. Facebook is an unique "advertising machine" that works only with own pages. Often this is a good start for your advertising company. Of course if you know how to drive this car. We know.

We promote

PPC in Google Adwords, Yandex Direct (for Russian market), Facebook. We provide SEO optimization. We organize direct SMS/email companies.  


We support 

our sites/pages by controlling content - adding new content and removing outdated one, developing new content when necessary, processing customers'  communications with site, creating and controlling databases, and providing all other forms of support our clients ask about. 

Why are you better than others?

There are 3 reasons to choose us:

1) Individual Approach and Devotion to Each Project. Our main principle - we are working with each client strictly on an individual basis - studying business, customers, goals, plans etc. to make the optimal design.

2) We possess all 4 skills that are necessary for devising really good website:

a) Technological skills: we know how to construct your site technically;

b) Writing skills: we know how to write texts for your site; 

c) Artistic skills: we know how to make your site aesthetically attractive;  

d) Psychological skills: we know how to motive customers and how to market your site.

3) Our prices are more than competitive. 

What time you need to design?

Naturally, it depends on the complexity - how many pages, languages, images/videos etc will be in your site. To give you a general idea, allow us 2-3 days per 1 average page without special demands (like complex interactivity or huge volume of data). Thus, if your site consist of 4 standard pages, it will be online in 2 weeks latest.

What are your prices?


It depends on complexity. Design of average standard page in English is €50.

When you evaluate the overall cost of the project, please take into consideration registration of domain (now about €15 annually) and hosting ( today WIX hosting is €​100-250 annually depending on type of site: storage, bandwidth etc you need; see WIX hosting plans here). You can save registration of domain and/or hosting by refusing from personal domain name and using WIX's free hosting. Please note that these free options cannot be used for e-commerce sites. Depending on additional functions on your site (e.g. chat, statistics etc) you may need to pay extra to corresponding service providers.  


€15 per unit (up to 20 minutes of chat or Skype session or up to 2 emails answering 1 question) if question does not require a special study. For complex questions the price to be determined on a case by case basis. 


Set up PPC (pay per click) campaign (text or banner Ads in Google AdWords, Facebook or Yandex) is €50. This includes set up campaign, design of 1 banner and/or writing 1 text ad, creating keyword lists, geography and demography of audience etc. NOT include the service providers' (Facebook, Google etc) fees, which depends on the audience and the intensity of advertising. 

Initial SEO is included in design. The price for advanced SEO is determined on a case by case basis.


The cost of support is determined on a case by case basis. To give you an idea, expect  €50 per month for full support of simple site without active correspondence with customers. It includes updating site, supporting of databases and correspondence with customers. 

How to order?

Send us request and we will contact you to learn about your business, your customers, your needs and your wishes. We will discuss also the design of your site, the schedule and all other matters that are essential for success of the project. After that we will give you quotation. We do ask you filling standard briefs because your unique needs may be understood only in live communication.

You pay 50% in advance and 50% when ownership is transferred.

What happens next?

After finishing the first version we'll ask for your approve/comments and after receiving them we'll make the final version. At this moment we'll also ask you about the support/promotion you need. If you are not satisfied with our work in this phase you can ask about 100% refund (see details in Guarantees).

What is your refund policy?

If client does not receive the prototype with the functionality as it is described in our preliminary exchange of emails he is entitled for 100% refund. See details in Terms & Conditions  and in Guarantees.

Does your price include maintenance for the website and for how long?

Devising site is a complex task when some changes are almost always necessary after transfer of ownership. These changes (usually design) are included. Our work is finished when customer is happy. However the regular maintenance (exchanges with customers, development and support of databases etc) is a different work.

Is training available to maintain the website and what is the cost?

Training up to 3 persons in first 3 months after transferring ownership is included. When you get website you must be able to work with it. To train you is a part of our work.

What is the cost for modifications/changes after the website has been delivered?

It depends on the character of changes. Small changes are included. The cost of modifications that change architecture and/or general principles have to be discussed on a case by case basis.

Do you use templates to create websites?

We are avoiding templates because we make each site (sometimes group of sites) as individual as possible.

Does the price for support include regular back-up?

WIX's hosting (free and paid) includes regular back-ups.

What inputs are required from client's side?

In the first phase we need the scratch only to start with. Later we expect closest interaction in the process. That includes the providing the texts of legal documents like Terms and Conditions , images/videos, technical specifications of goods/services if any etc. In general, all forms customers fill must be approved by you.

Do you provide media, images and texts?

Yes, we provide them without extra charge unless this is something specific that may be in possession of customer only. Some images we create ourselves, some take from public domains, some buy in stock image libraries.

Do you create the content that encourages visitors to navigate the website and become clients?

Normally, of course, we do. The way how it will be done must be discussed with client: what and how must be made to attract customers, especially in the initial phase of the project. In most cases we devise the pages like “How it works”, “How we are different” and so on.

Do you provide testing to gauge the website usability?

Yes. Usually we embed the counters or Analytics Apps that allows trace the number and behavior of visitors. The site may be also connected with Google Analytics. Depending on strategy of marketing other instruments (e.g. Facebook pixel) may be used.

Are your designs tested for multi-browser and cross-platform compativility?

Yes. All Wix websites are multi-browser and cross-platform. Mobile optimization is included in the price.

Is a logo creation included in the price?

Yes. Usually designing logo is also interactive process that lasts until customer is happy with logo.

Do you provide copyright and a copy of the working design files upon completion of the project?

Yes, we do. Together with transfer ownership we transfer copyright also. But we keep our copyright until the project is fully paid. Upon  full payment we provide also all working materials. However we keep the copy of website in our directory for marketing.

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