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Evidences of Integrity

Agent service must be safe for customers. Any criminals who may want to use the Platform must be excluded. This is why we ask you to provide the proofs of integrity. You must upload your selfii with ID of good quality together with the scans of following documents:

a) Electricity bill not more than 3 months old that confirms your residence address,

b) ID for Cypriots or passport, align book and residency permit for non-Cypriots,

c) Log Book for your car. 

Besides you may provide any proofs of your integrity, which you wish, e.g. the stories about you, your account in social networks like Facebook, the names of the reputable members of society (e.g. your professors) or organizations who know you and may recommend together with their emails and/or phones, the Certificate of criminal records and so on. In our discretion we may ask you about an interview through WhatsApp. 

We may share your address and the scans of uploaded  documents only on request of legal authorities. But we may inform customers about the information, which you provided, together with the data about the reputation you will build working on the Platform (average rating, the number of orders that you delivered etc). Besides, we inform the customers who accept your offer about your first name, your telephone, your car and share with them your picture and your message for customers if you provide any.   

Thank you for understanding.

Proofs of integrity
Electricity bill
Max Size 3MB
ID or Passport&Residence Permit
Passport and Residence Permit on one page
Log Book for car
Max Size 3MB
Selfi with ID
400 (width) by 500 px minimum